Renders a sparse noise stimulus.


A BonVision primitive that generates and draws a non-overlapping discrete sparse grid of randomly activated quads.


This node requires TextureResources to be initialised with DynamicVideo[Texture2D] in order to work. The display information of this stimulus can be logged using MatrixWriter. This node saves a binary file containing the linearised colour matrix of each image combination. The vector saved is long GridSize(1)xGridSize(2)x(RunTime/Duration) where RunTime is the total display time of the Bonsai programme.


  • It is a source node so it does not require any input to be able to run
  • ActiveQuads: number of quads to be displayed at the same time during a single image combination
  • Duration: display time for a single image combination
  • GridSize: number of columns and rows in which the display is divided. Quads dimension is the inverse of these values [int, int]


  • The output is to be connected to UpdateTexture
  • All the properties that are externalised can be sent forward as outputs.