Draws parameterized 2D sinewave gratings.

A BonVision primitive that draws a periodic grating stimulus over a specified region.


DrawGratings displays a periodic grating of specified size and shape, at the defined location. The spatial frequency, temporal frequency, contrast, direction can all be controlled by the experiment.


Best used with SphereMapping transformed coordinate frame


  • Needs DrawStimulus (the tag for rendering a frame) as an input to be able to run
  • LocationX: x coordinate (this is in the units of the viewport?) (Default: 0)
  • LocationY: y coordinate (this is in the units of the viewport?) (Default: 0)
  • Angle:
  • Contrast:
  • ExtentX:
  • ExtentY:
  • Edge:
  • Opacity:
  • Radius:
  • SpatialFrequency:
  • SquareWave:
  • TemporalFrequency:


  • This can be an end node
  • All the properties that are externalised can be sent forward as outputs.