Demos: Augmented Reality

This is a demo of a simple augmented reality, where there are four objects placed in front, and the view of the object is dependent on the observer’s position.

You can download this demo from the Demo Package. This is called ClosedLoop.


This demo shows how to construct, render and interact with a more complicated environment, as you might in ‘augmented reality’. After pressing run, several objects (‘models’) appear on the floor of a 3D environment, one of which is rotating around its core. The downloaded program listens to the webcam installed on your computer (if present) and tracks the position of a bright light source (like your cell phone’s flashlight). You can move through this environment by moving the flashlight towards and away from the webcam, and/or from side-to-side – your view of the scene should change as you move.

Below is an example of what part of the visual display looks like during an experiment.