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Forums: We will be using the Bonsai google forum for BonVision discussions, as some issues can be overlapping and related to the Bonsai framework rather than the specifics of BonVision.


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Examples: A collection of example workflows.

Current User Groups

  1. Saleem lab, UCL, London
  2. Solomon lab, UCL, London

Get Involved

If you would like to help us develop additional features for BonVision or add to the database of example scripts, please get in touch with us at: aman dot saleem at or g dot lopes at

Job Opening

We are excited to announce a new Research Assistant position at the UCL Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience (, in collaboration with NeuroGEARS ( The position is for an open-research project: to enable the development and dissemination of a new software package to create and control visual environments: BonVision ( The primary duties of the individual are to become expert at the usage of the software, and help its dissemination by creating additional content for the website, and leading workshops at external research centres. They will also be involved in extending the functionality of the software. The position is half-time for one year.

This is an ideal position if you are looking for research exposure for a year - you will master a cutting-edge research tool, visit leading research centres around the world, and be an integral part of a new community of researchers.

For more information please contact: Aman Saleem (aman.saleem[at] or Goncalo Lopes (g.lopes[at]